Thermography (Infrared Camera)

Thermal imaging show’s you the “Inside” of the horse’s body. Where heat is not obvious to the touch, a thermal camera can detect changes less then .05 degrees. This is done by color patterns that the camera sees, i.e. inflammation, infection, circulation, or a lack of circulation.

Used extensively in the equine world since the 1996 Olympic Games, infrared thermal imaging inspections are a quick non evasive method of examining a horse to identify and locate the source of problems or injuries. Thermography as a science has many applications, but for animals here are the benefits: shows the “inside” of the horse’s body, thereby giving the profession

Thermography Inspection
Before Treatment Indicates Inflammation
Thermography image of inflamtion
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Thermography Inspection
After Magna Pulse Treatment
Indicates Inflammation Gone
Thermography image of treated inflamation shows decreased heat
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  • Identify damaged tendons, ligaments, Navicular, laminitis and the source of non specific lameness
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Locate the source of miscellaneous strains, sprains and injuries
  • Easily examine the horse for tooth and jaw problems
  • Pre Purchase Inspection or Sale to confirm there are no "hidden" problems with the horse
  • Saddle fitting and rider balance
  • Hoof Lameness (Abscess, stone bruise, hot nail)

Treatment Monitoring

  • Monitor ongoing conditions to assess the level of improvement or deterioration during treatment
  • Monitor Hoof Maintenance

 There are multiple causes that an animal will come up lame; irregular gate, imbalance of movement, abscess, etc. For instance, lameness in the foot can be caused by other areas in the body. Thermal imaging enables you to look at the whole horse.

Our goal is to find the issue before it becomes an injury. In most cases, temperature changes as little as 2 degrees will show up 2 weeks before an actual injury occurs. Thermography allows for early detection, and enables you to begin treatment in order to prevent a more serious injury.



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Thermography showing Left Hoof Soul  Left Front Laredo  L R Front

Coffin  Left Front Ankle  Right Front Ankle

Front View  Left Front Ankle  Right Front Ankle

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