Here are a few testimonials from some of our clients...

Hi Susan –

I just wanted to let you know that Lami feels great! He is really, really happy lately – in such a good way. Content, comfortable and easy going.

Thank you so much for all your work, it’s so good for him!


Hi Susan

I just wanted to shoot you an email to let you know Patina still feels GREAT today! It's the best Christmas present I could have received. Whew! The real test will be my trainer flying in from Florida for a week-end of lesson's and training. Well, the week-end came and Patina was AMAZING!!!! I look forward to her next session.
Thank you and Deb for all your great work.
Nita :))


I will never be able to thank you enough! I made the mistake of using someone else!! NEVER AGAIN!!! Thank you for coming out today. Ruehl was so relaxed and moved so freely. I will never let anyone touch her but U!
Alex & Ruehl

Susan -

Thank you so much for taking extra care with my girl Goldie. Even though she's a nervous Nelly, she's really a sweetheart. You've got a heart of gold to look out for her and be so patient.

Hi Susan

LC was relaxed, confident, with a willingness to go forward and do what a horse should do, and all thanks to you! Thank you so much. I was about to give up on him having tried almost everything under the sun to get him to move, Your system worked a miracle.

Thank you, thank you, thank you
Patty & LC

Susan, all I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!

Twice now, you’ve proven to be right on with diagnosing problems with my horses. First, you knew there was a problem with Miller’s neck while the rest of us were looking at his hind end. Then Monday you were able to pinpoint a problem with Sam’s stifles. YOU are the best diagnostic tool in the horse care profession!

It’s because you really listen to the horses. You let them tell you where it hurts, while the rest of us don’t listen closely enough.

Thanks again for stopping by during Sam’s vet visit. I love that you can work with Dr. Heinze and the two of you can share your findings.

I am hoping that Sam feels much better after your treatments on Monday and his injections yesterday.

Both Sam and I thank you very much!!!!!!

Hugs, Lisa & Sam

For the last few winters my horse Pharoah has exhibited the following systems:  Running away from the mounting block when being mounted.  Shortness of stride particularly to the right and at the canter.  Discomfort when being groomed in this back and neck.

Susan had been working on Pharoah for several years.  She had a suggestion… She would coordinate her deep tissue massage along with her Therascope Therapy.  The results were immediate.  After a couple of sessions, he no longer ran from the mounting block.  His stride lengthened, and once he started to “forget” the discomfort, he even jumped better! 

The vet was thrilled and suggested we continue with the monthly massage sessions along with the Therascope Back Treatment.  One month later, Pharoah continues to take me to the AA rated shows and wins classes! 

Thank you Susan!!!!!! - Jenna & Pharoah

Hey Susan, 
I just rode my horse tonight and I didn’t see that you had massaged him, but I totally knew that you did because he felt so awesome.  I had just noticed that the last few rides he just didn’t have that elasticity and spring in his back that he normally does and I just figured that he was tired or whatever.  Sure enough, after my ride I saw that you had worked on him and, OMG, he feels like a MILLION DOLLARS!  So kudos to you my friend - my horse is FANOMINAL!  - Miller & Lisa

Hi Susan, Wait til you hear this!!!!

Castle was clocked during her workout this morning------------ she had the 9th fastest workout out of 63 horses!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving her the comfort and flexibility to help her work towards her potential! We're so glad that you are on her team!!

I am on Cloud Nine!!

Mary Ellen  

I would just like to thank you again for taking such special care of my Maddin.  If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I would never have believed how vital, and necessary it is to my horses health, and well-being.  To see you work with him, and to see his response was truly magical.  To see him become more pain-free, and less agitated when touched was even better!!  Not to mention how much more relaxed, and smooth he is when I ride him.  I am absolutely thrilled that your massage has contributed to Maddin's wellness, and his happiness.  He is a wonderful horse, and it makes me so happy to see him happy!!!  -- Laura & Maddin  

Susan -
I just wanted to say thank you.  My parents recently bought me a jumper from Germany. When he came to us he had trouble bending to the right.  He also got very aggressive when you brushed him and put on his saddle.  I had Susan look at him just after we bought him and the result wasn’t good.  He was very angry at just the touch of Susan.  We started to get involved into the horse showing process and I didn’t get the chance to start signing Aerobic (aka Nick) up for massages. Yesterday I had Susan look at him again.  I was worried that the reason he was angry about the saddle was because he was back sore. Susan looked at him for me and decided that most of Nick’s issues were that he was in fact sore but also he got angry out of habit. I rode him shortly after his treatment and he was like a new horse. He bent easily and stepped out more freely.  He was very happy throwing his head up in the air. He didn’t mind being brushed and gave little protest to being saddled.  I want to thank Susan deeply for her work on Nick! She really knows what she’s doing.  She’s great with the horses and she really cares. Nick


We love her at Galway! She is so nice and joyful to everyone.  Thank you so much.

Nick and Lauren & hopefully Tucker too!

Susan -
Before you massaged Rain he was bracing his neck to one side, had obvious pain and stiffness through his back and was uncharacteristically bucking.  Immediately following his first massage with Susan, Rain had a longer more flowing stride, held his head and neck centered, and was more than willing to do the work I asked him to do.  After the second massage Rain showed even more improvements.  Thanks Susan!  --  Rain & Rachel

Susan -
My horse has always been very girthy and she never had full free movement.  About 4 months ago I was getting on her and she buckled under me.  Ouch!  That was really bad.  After recuperating, I gave you a call and you began working on Sangria.  The changes that occurred were amazing and immediate.  She finally had freedom of movement.  All her strides opened up beautifully.  She is no longer girthy - at all.  Her muscles along her back seem to have changed and her saddle is fitting her better.  Thank you so much for making Sangria all that she can be...................  See you next month!  --  C & Sangria


I just want to thank you for evaluating and working on the horse I was looking to purchase.  I had some concerns - he wouldn't stand still while grooming and he did this little bucking thing when I mounted him.  He just seemed uncomfortable.  After his massage, he was amazing!  The bucking stopped, he wasn't squiggly when I brushed him, and his movements were smooth and fluid.  Thank you so much, and please keep us on your schedule.  We are very grateful!

PS.  I don't have a name for him yet - I'll let you know!

Jane & (the horse with no name)

Susan -
I have to admit, I was a skeptic.  Then I watched you work.  UNBELIEVABLE!  Your intensity, my horses reaction, your persistence, my horses reaction, your love and patience, MY HORSE'S REACTION WAS UNBELIEVABLE!  His muscles were no longer in spasm and his eyes were soft.  My ride was amazing!  He was much easier to bend, his head no longer tipped to the left, and his stride just opened up.  His jump was fabulous!  He was a star!

Thanks Equitouch - Thanks Susan for showing me the way to my horses best!  --  Jen and Ben

Thank you soooo much for the wonderful work you did on Maverick!  As you have seen, anytime anyone would ride him, especially when cantering, Maverick would buck and kick out pretty severely.  He was getting to the point where whenever we wanted to jump, we had to ask people to stop their horses so he wouldn't kick anyone.  After just one massage, that stopped, he hasn't bucked once.  I thought it was just my riding for a while, but after the massage, and your comments about his muscles, I really realized he really was sore!  I am so glad that we decided to have you massage him, and how wonderful he responded.  I was on the verge of tears while riding him!  You did a great job, I have never seen Mav so relaxed as he was during the session! Thank you sooo much!!!  --  Kathleen and Maverick!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Equitouch Massage and of course Susan for bringing Massage Therapy into me and my Honey's life.  I was dealing with my horse bucking, throwing her head, not moving forward, and not paying attention to me.  I've sent her to training, I've paid people to ride her (thinking it was me), Then it happened !!!!!!!! EQUITOUCH TOUCHED MY HONEY! (no pun intended).  I am so pleased with the results, my Honey doesn’t buck, throw her head around, she’s even moving forward. She feels better therefore she listens better.  I can't express enough how I feel and I'm sure if Honey was writing this she would say  " I FEEL GOOD .. NA  NA  - - - - NA NA NA NA !

Thank you so much!   --  Sandy & Honey

After you gave my horse a massage, Jess rode him and I could see that his left hind seems to be more supple and he didn't have that “hitch in his get along” like he did prior to your treating him.  His shoulders were extending nicely.  Socks was more supple in all his movements.  He was softer when bending and more willing to extend at all gaits!

Susan really cares about each of her clients needs, and her compassion is genuine."
"Thank You!"   --  Cami, Jess & Socks


Hi Susan,
Roxet's and Rosenburg's progress is terrific!!!.  I am very pleased  (although not in the least surprised) that Agata has noticed such a difference.  By all means continue massage with them in July and beyond. .  In fact, I am quite happy to pay for you to check them at least once a month from this point forward.  I think you offer a brilliant service!!!  . (This is what horse people in England do routinely).

I am ever so relieved to see both horses recovering so well thanks to your care!

Best regards.   --  Karen 

I have never used massage therapy on my horse and I am so happy I decided to try it.  Your massage has made such a noticeable difference on my horse (Poco), more so than any other treatments I have used in the past.  I am a firm believer now and will certainly be a regular client.

Thank you!  --  Lindsy & Poco

I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you have done for Chandler. We have been working with him for so long on trying to losen his left side so he isn't so stiff all the time. Nothing worked untill you started working with him. I cant even believe the entire change in him when I ride. He is so much more relaxed and he finally bends just as nice to the left as he did to the right. As you know he had lots of tension building on his back and hind end and you have helped correct that as well. Thanks to you he is feeling great and I am having so much fun riding him this summmer. Thank you for all you have done, Chandler absolutely loves you. You truly have a gift for helping horses, I cant thank you enough for what you have done for Chandler.  --  Ilyce & Chandler

You should call what you do something different than "massage".  It's much more than that -- maybe Susan's Miracle Treatments????

 Thank you!!   --   Kathy


I wanted to share with you the joy your services have given me and my 3 horses.   Two of my horses were so sore that it took 3 massages to work out their soreness.  My oldest horse who's 10 wasn't such a pleasure for you to work on.  However, you persisted, slowly and gently at first until he trusted you enough to apply full pressure.  Now, all my horse's are great!  I can't believe the difference in all of them.  You have changed their lives and touched mine.  We ALL want to thank you for your genuine concern and love for animals.  We'll see you in 3 weeks!  --  K & the Boys

My heart is full tonight as I write this note to you.  I cannot thank you enough for the work and dedication you have given my horse.  Since you have been massaging Vince on the regular basis he has been wonderful.  His lead changes are a dream, his gates flowing and his ability to bend is remarkable.  Vince has not been lame, stiff, or even girthy.  You are a miracle worker!

See you in 3 Weeks!  -- Rachel & Vince

My adorable paint horse Pepé was a super star in the show ring until he got sick and refused to jump anything - ever. After months of trying to get him back on track and failing,  I had Susan take a look at him.  He was unbelievably sore everywhere - even light pressure on his back produced such a severe reaction I thought he might collapse.  Now, after a series of four massages he is feeling much better and he's even starting to jump again! 

Pepé and I are extremely grateful for Equitouch!  We’ll see you soon,  --  Linda & Pepe


As a repeat customer, Susan has helped my horse Brighton with sore spots in the neck and hips.  It is incredible to watch the reaction my horse has when Susan works on him. It is instant relief!  Brighton LOVES the massages. I would highly recommend Susan's services to any horse owner.  She plays a key role in my horse's overall comfort and health.  I am a truly satisfied
customer.  Plus, Susan's dedication to the horses is amazing. 

Thanks again.  --  Stacey & Brighton 

It was totally amazing to watch you work with Tyler.  It was incredible how you were able to identify the areas where he was sore, get him to trust you, and work through the pain.

Before you worked on him, it was like riding on a big, hard board of wood!  Afterward, he was much more flexible.  He had been tripping a lot.  Just a few days after the first massage, he did not trip at all.  I think he is a much happier horse now, thanks to you.

We're both looking forward to Tyler's next massage!  --  Lisa C & Tyler

 Ruby's has made great progress since you started working with her. I remember that first massage when she was sore all over and not happy about it!  Each time you massage her, there are less problem areas and she has learned to relax and enjoy her time with you.  In turn she is less stiff and more relaxed when we ride together -- that has made it a more enjoyable experience for both of us! 

Ruby and I both thank you,  --  Kathlee

Sorry it has taken me so long to write to tell you about how great Ace is doing now that he has his regular massages.

In just one visit, his girthiness is gone!  I can touch him ANYWHERE without a displeased response.  He seems to really enjoy being touched now too.  I think he moves noticeably easier after he is massaged and bends easier as well.  Lets continue to do him monthly and keep him in tip top shape.  Thanks again!  -- Lis

I  just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your work with Ozzie on Saturday.  I know that he got a lot out of it...He was feeling very full of himself on Sunday when I took a lesson on him!

I would like to set up another appointment for next month.

Thanks again!  --  Linda O

I have to tell you what I have seen....  Susan, I have seen such a difference in my friends horse since you have been massaging him.  He picks up his feet much better now.  His energy level is way up.  And I noticed he's not laying down as much as he used to.  In fact, his elbows are no longer scuffed from laying down so much.  He looks great!  I'm glad you care so much - it shows!  --  K

Thank you so much for helping me with my horse on such short notice.  My daughter was having a lesson and her horse would not turn right – I mean at all…  I actually could see the muscle sticking out of his neck and it was hard to the touch.  After you massaged him the lump was gone and he was his old self again.  He was able to turn both ways and touch his stomach again.  Thanks again!

My horse has been stiff generally all over.  But recently I noticed his hind end not moving very well.  I couldn't even ride him.    I called the Vet out and he took a look, said there were bruses and yes he was very stiff.  We took an X-Ray and found nothing fractured or broken.  The Vet said that it looked like he fell when he was in turn out.   I gave you call to massage my horse.   Lincoln's reaction to the massage and how he leaned into your touch was so unbelieveable...  After his massage you waited for me to hand walk him and he was no longer stiff.  I tacked up and road him right then in front of you.  He was no longer stiff at all ! I scheduled another massage for him next month.  I am amazed.  Thank you for your concern and most of all your loving touch.  It's all about maintenance.  --  Lincoln & Trish

My horse is 17 yrs old and always works very hard for who ever rides him.  He'll jump anything and make it work no matter what the rider sees.  I asked you to give him a massage and what a difference you have made.  I can clearly see that Justin is more comfortable.  He even stretches which I have never seen him do.  He has more energy and his range of motion is better.  Thank you. for working on my horse.  We both appreciate it.  -- Deb & Justin


Thank you so much for working on my daughter's pony, Lucky Charm, the very same day that I called you. Lucky is usually a very sweet natured pony, and for two days in a row he was pinning his ears back as soon as I would approach him with his saddle. Before this, Lucky never pinned his ears back, even when I tightened his girth. I knew something was wrong, and you found some very sore areas around his withers and back. The next day, Lucky was just fine!

I really appreciate your same-day responsiveness, along with your extra efforts to test the saddle on his back after your message session. Your care and concern for horses shines through!  -- Kathy & Nicki.

I couldn’t believe my eyes… I was so worried - I took my 4 year old out 2 days before a horseshow tacked him up and walked into the arena. Low and behold something was very wrong with his neck and he was lame. I was so upset and didn’t know what to do. I walked over to talk to you and see if you could massage him. I’m so glad you did ! He so enjoyed the massage and when I went to give him a ride the next day he was as good as new. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Brighton went to the horseshow as scheduled and was perfect. Thank you so much. -- MC

I just wanted to thank you so much for the relief you gave my horse Storm.  He was coming up lame for just about one week when I asked you to massage him.  The next day he was fine!  Unbelievable!!!  He has been sound ever since.  Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.  We will see you in 2 weeks! -- JP

Thanks for the massage.  Gidget has worked so hard all season for me so I decided to give her a treat and have you massage her.  Seeing her face while you massaged her was amazing…  She feels so good now.  Thank you. -- Marybeth & Gidget

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me on Sunday and evaluate my 6 year old.  I would have never known he was back sore until I saw it with my own eyes.  I also appreciate you massaging him at the last minute.  I’m glad you had the time!  I know one thing I will be calling you again in a couple of weeks.  Thank you. -- SV

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