At Equitouch, our goal is to avoid muscle injury by maintaining positive muscle health. A properly conditioned horse is less apt to experience muscle strain and injury.

We accomplish muscle wellness by providing whole body sports massage to equine in need.

MagnaPulse Therapy - PEMF = Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field

The PEMF, i.e. (Magna Pulse, Magna Wave, P3 etc.) is a revolutionary medical device that has shown amazing results in the treatment of pain and swelling, wounds, bone fractures, as well as in dramatically improving range of motion in both humans and animals. The PEMF, i.e. (Magna Pulse, Magna Wave, P3 etc.) uses powerful pulsed electro- magnetic field that provides natural energy to the cells of the body. This increased energy helps the body to heal itself.

This non-invasive way to energize people and animals is the obvious wave of the future! Join us, you’ll be amazed and glad you did.  Click here for more information on MagnaPulse.

Whole Body Deep Tissue Sports Massage

We touch over 25 muscles on the horse when we perform the deep tissue whole body massage. Through the non-invasive technique of sports massage therapy, we can improve your equine athlete's performance by increasing circulation and range of motion. We will also relieve tension and those hindering muscle spasms. Starting at the head, we move through each muscle group, finishing at the tail.

Pre-Purchase Massage

If you're putting a horse up for sale, you want him at his best for the inevitable pre-purchase exams that your prospective buyers will order. You want the horse moving as freely as possible for the buyers and the vet. A Massage a few days before the Pre-Purchase Exam could mean an improvement in : Movement Evaluation, Flexion, Attitude, Stamina .

Event Massage

We perform a pre-event massage which loosens, warms and readies the muscles for the event. This will insure the optimal performance from your horse during the show and will help prevent injuries.

A post-event Equitouch Massage relieves muscle pain and stiffness by returning the muscles to a normal state much faster than if they had been allowed to go without a massage. After vigorous exercise dehydration takes place in the horse, and with the loss of fluids it is harder for him to cool down.

Equissage Physiotherapy Back Pad

Equissage Physiotherapy back padPhysiotherapy can be used to rapidly bring your horse back to optimum fitness when it has been worked hard or to actively help in their recovery from illness in addition to improving the horse’s muscle tone. This Pad along with my deep tissue massage is designed to give relief and benefit the whole skeletal, muscular, circulatory, and lymphatic system. Used in two main site areas, either in the saddle position or around the breast. Horses have 25 main nerve and acupuncture points that can become blocked which may lead to a number of common muscular problems.

In addition to the Back Pad, there is also a hand unit which is designed to give deep cycloidal massage directly to these nerve areas. In conjunction with my hand massage, this unit relieves the symptoms and rapidly improves your horse’s condition. The hand held massage unit can also be beneficial for breathing problems, tendons, ligament, hoof problems, neck, shoulder, and gluteus.

Equissage Pad Therapy details   Equissage Pad Therapy detail

The Leg and Tendon Boot is the most effective way to treat the majority of Horse Leg and Foot problems.

These problems include Pulled Ligaments and Tendons, Swellings due to knocks or inflammation, Circulatory Disorders, Arthritic Conditions, Sore Shins, and Capped Hocks. The Boot in conjunction with the Hand Unit will create a very deep circulatory massage to the whole leg. This in turn will increase local blood and lymphatic circulation to help relax muscles help improve joint mobility.

 All treatments range from 45 to 60 minutes. To schedule an appointment, please contact Equitouch Massage at 847-814-6878 or email at

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