"Listen to your horse...They know best!

We, at Equitouch, would like to welcome you to the concept of equine massage. You will find information on these pages that will answers your questions, but most of all you'll find a wonderful treatment that will provide the ultimate physical well-being to your equine friend! We look forward to meeting and working with you!

Enjoy your journey!

All animal athletes benefit from sports massage. Massage today is anything but new. It was used centuries ago as a healing art. Sports massage is divided into performance maintenance massage, event massage, and pre-purchase massage as you’ll notice when you click through our site. The equine athlete can be defined as the high-level performance horse, contest horse or as the backyard buddy horse. No matter how you define your horse, they are all athletes. What they all have in common is soft tissue pain and injuries. These soft tissues can become dysfunctional due to muscle cramps, sprains, strains, bruising, common muscle soreness, or recurring stress injuries.

All animal athletes can suffer from these symptoms just like humans. The goal of sports massage therapy is to reduce mental and physical stresses for the animals by providing freedom of movement and pain free function.

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